Free Fire Name stylish nickname 2021

Free Fire Name 2021 Best Stylish Free Fire Nickname – How to change

Get full information about How to Change Free Fire Name 2021 Game, Best Stylish Free Free Nickname guide for pc, iPhone, & other android device. For the Gamer Lovers, this Free Fire Name is one of the most alluring games in today’s time. Garena, which happens to be known as a Singapore-based business, helps in publishing online games. From all over the world, It has successfully managed to gather more than 80 million users.

111 Dots Studio created this online game and is regarded as the most downloaded game for Android and iOS devices since 2019. The game has also received the recognition of “The Best Popular Vote game” in 2019 by the Google Play Store. Therefore, no matter whether you are using an Android device or an iOS phone, you can easily download it into your system whenever you feel like it! 

Ever since the ban imposed on the PUBG game, this Free Fire has grabbed a good amount of highlight. There are many characters such as Maro, Xayne, Chrono, Jai, Dasha, and more. If you love to play with characters, the Free Fire game in the gaming arena is going to be worth all your attention. It includes characters such as the Shrines, Council Hall, Bayfront, Old Hampton, The Maze, Confinement, etc. 

Free Fire Name 2021 – How to Change Nickname?

If you are a game freak, you would love to be recognized by your name. Their name always knows a player, and every time they aspire to achieve something, the name is all that attracts attention. If you are in a clan, all your team members would know you by your name itself. Thus, it is usually recommended to keep a smart and cool name for yourself so that all your teammates feel good to address you.

However, the best thing about this game is that it allows you to modify your name based on your personal choices and preferences. You can either choose to own a simple and easy name for yourself or something sophisticated so that every time someone comes across your name or calls you, and it makes you feel good too! The best part is that you can even choose to keep a stylish name like the YouTube streamers who always feel classy.

Free Fire Name stylish nickname 2021

Free Fire usually does not allow its players to change their names free of cost. There is a process for the same. The players usually can change their names only after they pay an amount, and then they have to purchase diamonds with the money. Consequently, they get through the option of upgrading their names through the same.

Setting your nickname in Free Fire 2021

In the Free Fire application, you can set your name in such a way that represents your personality, and your squad shall address you by it. Therefore, choose a name that sounds captivating and will help you do well every time your users seem to need your assistance anywhere!

These names are available under the Garena tools and designed specifically with the motif to match your personality. These tools are created to nurture your preferences, and thus, design the nicknames accordingly. You will look ahead to something that is not just eye-catching but also good and sporting to hear. You can even choose to set a name with special characters and symbols that justify you as a person at the same time.

How to change Free Fire name on your PC

  • Load the Free Fire game on your device.
  • Visit the Profile section.
  • Go to the yellow-coloured notebook icon.
  • Now, enter the new nickname you have chosen in the dialogue box present therein, and it shall be noted for future uses. 

How to change Free Fire name on your Android device

The steps to change your Free Fire name on your Android device are pretty similar to how you do on the PC. 

  • Open the Free Fire game on your smartphone.
  • Now, load the profile section.
  • Enter your nickname on the Yellow arena over there, and it will be saved automatically. 

Steps to change Free Fire name on your iPhone

If you are operating the Free Fire game on your Android device, that’s great! If you are doing it from your iPhone, you may, unfortunately, lack the provision of doing it from there. You do not have the facility to use special characters in your iPhone. As a result, you may choose to get it from Henceforth, you may choose to alter the old name to the new one right from there! 

How To Select a special name for yourself on Free Fire 2021

It would be ideal for you to choose some best nicknames for yourself by typing it normally on your phone’s keyboard using all the special characters you wish to! In case you want to select any one from the available readymade options, here are the steps to follow: 

  • Go to
  • You will see a list of generated usernames therein. 
  • Select one of your choices, and it will copy directly. 
  • You may also want to generate something that you prefer to! Type the first letter in the allotted field, and then click on Generate Another option from there. 
  • Select the nickname and update it in the Profile section. 

Ways to alter your name in Free Fire without diamonds

If you have ever thought of changing your name in Free Fire without diamonds, you will have to earn enough points to purchase a name card for yourself from there. Also, you get all those points available to you free of expense. All you need is to ensure that you are participating in different events, and you will have to gather your revenue from there itself. It is more like a redeem option available to you.

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