UAN Login Portal – EPF Account Services, Passbook, PF Balance Check & Status Updates

UAN Login Portal is beneficial to check RPFO, EPF Balance status, withdrawal and other account related services. Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement savings plan for employees. The employee and the employer company contribute equally to a savings account, that is. Further, that becomes the employee’s pension after their retirement or can also withdraw the amount in case of any necessity between the job duration or even after leaving the employer job.

The employees may now check their EPF balance via a missed call, SMS, EPFO app (also called Umang app), and the EPFO Portal. Furthermore, the employees also get access to changing all of their details using the UAN portal and later checking the status update details. By accessing their EPF passbook, the employees may do the following actions:

  • Have better planning for all expenses while considering the savings
  • Have access to apply for a loan via the EPF account
  • Check their PF account balance

Universal Account Number – UAN Member Portal

EPF members can log in to their accounts online and undertake tasks such as making withdrawals and checking their balance. Logging onto the EPFO member portal is made easier with the Universal Account Number (UAN). EPFO assigns all of its members a 12-digit number, which is called the UAN.

It is given to all the employees, and even after changing the employer, it remains the same. When an employee changes their job and gets a new ID, it can also be linked to the same UAN. The UAN number of an employee doesn’t change.

Your employer will provide you with a UAN if you cannot get it from there; simply login to the UAN site using your member ID and search for the UAN.

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Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO)

The Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is a non-constitutional organization that encourages employees to save money for retirement. The Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, oversees the organization founded in 1951.

The organization’s programs are available for Indians and international workers (from countries with whom the EPFO has signed bilateral agreements).

  • Employee contribution to EPF – The employer deducts 12 per cent of the employee’s income for EPF contributions monthly. The whole amount gets deposited into the EPF account of the employee.
  • Contribution of the employer to the EPF – The employer contributes 12% of the employee’s salary to the EPF.

Eligibility for EPF

Here are the eligibility requirements for joining the EPF scheme:

  • Registration for an EPF account is required for salaried employees earning less than 15,000 INR per month.
  • If a company employs 20+ people, it is required by law to enrol in the EPF plan.
  • Voluntarily, businesses with less than 20 employees can join the EPF plan.
  • Employees earning more than 15,000 EPF can open an EPF account, but they must first receive permission from the Assistant PF Commissioner.
  • The scheme requirement of EPF applies to the entire nation.

The current Interest rate of EPF

For the fiscal year 2020 to 2021, the EPF contributions’ interest rate stands at 8.5 per cent. The amount of interest accumulated in an EPF account after a financial year can be calculated. Further, this sum adds up to the employee and the employer’s contributions to determine the account’s total balance at the year-end.

Employee Login for EPFO

UAN Login: An employee can easily access their account on the EPFO portal. First, the employee must go to the employee UAN portal and log in with their UAN login id and password. On the portal, the employees have access to claiming the PF, updating the KYC information, checking the PF balance, and transferring PF funds.

Employer Login (EPFO)

At first, the employer must log in to the employer UAN login portal for generating a username and password. It is feasible for the employer to approve the KYC details of employees once they have logged into the portal.

Passbook for EPF

EPF Passbook: The employees can also view the EPF balance and account statement and download or print the same via the function of the EPFO passbook available in their account. This passbook is available for all the members of EPF who registered their UAN on the portal.

The EPFO passbook contains various details of the employees, such as the establishment ID, employee’s name, EPF office name, EPF scheme details, status update details, etc.

After changing the job, the EPFO account holders may also adjust their leaving date online.

After changing employment, the EPFO has recently introduced a tool on its official website that allows people to change their “date of exit” online. Previously, employees did not have access to this facility as only the employers were allowed to do the same.

Checking EPF Balance

You can check your EPF balance using one of four methods:

  • Using the EPFO’s UAN portal – Using the member’s EPFO portal to check the EPF balance is very simple. You may log in to your EPF account using the UAN login id and password. The EPF balance may be seen under the member ID once you’ve logged in.
  • Using the UMANG app – You can use your mobile phone to check your EPF balance using the Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance (UMANG) app. This program also lets you file and track the claims.
  • Using a missed call service – You can check your EPF balance by dialling 011-22901406 from your registered phone number and leaving a message.
  • Using an SMS service – If your UAN is active, you can check your EPF balance by sending an SMS to 7738299899.


EPF is currently a mandatory cut that all salaried employees have to accept. Eventually, it is beneficial for the employees and their families and acts as a savings plan. There are various ways to track all the data and status update details for an EPF account, and the easiest in the current scenario is via UAN login.

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