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Greetings to all visitors of this platform! Delve into the captivating history of calendars, which have been instrumental in measuring time’s passage for centuries. The origins of calendars trace back to Mesopotamia, with the Sumerians and Egyptians also embracing this method. The ancient Egyptians, around 3100 BC, developed the first known calendar under the guidance of astronomers and priests.

Our platform has garnered a warm reception from the public. Introducing the Online Monthly Calendar for January to April 2024, a digital tool that seamlessly integrates with your devices. By creating an account and subscribing to calendars, you ensure automatic synchronization with your phone or computer.

Due dates can be personalized or shared, catering to your preferences. Further, expect reminders for events like birthdays and anniversaries, dispatched via email or through social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

January to April Calendar 2024 Printable

A calendar serves as an invaluable organizational tool in our lives. It not only offers a countdown to future dates but also enables us to jot down events and occasions that hold significance. The January to April 2024 Blank Calendar is particularly useful for marking holidays, birthdays, appointments, and other pivotal dates, both past and future. You may also read May 2024 Floral Calendar Cute.

Calendar January to April 2024 Free
Calendar January to April 2024 Free
Calendar January to April 2024
Calendar January to April 2024
January February March April 2024 Calendar
January February March April 2024 Calendar
January to April 2024 Calendar Blank
January to April 2024 Calendar Blank
January to April 2024 Calendar
January to April 2024 Calendar
Printable January to April 2024 Calendars
Printable January to April 2024 Calendars

Enter the realm of the four-quarter calendar, a distinctive approach that capitalizes on life’s natural rhythms and cycles. Our monthly calendar templates feature ample slots for each date, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. The January February March April 2024 Calendar Printable empowers you to plan activities and tasks systematically.

Feel free to print as many copies as you need and embark on your organized journey today. Avail the January to April 2024 Calendar PDF for a convenient way to track events and tasks. Personalize your design effortlessly using our user-friendly customization features.

Main Holiday & Events from January to April 2022

Stay updated with the January to April 2024 Calendar With Holidays, a useful tool for keeping track of upcoming events. The monthly view offers insights into United States holidays in both 2024 and 2024, ensuring you’re always prepared.


New Year’s Day01 Jan 2024Monday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day15 Jan 2024Monday
Robert E. Lee’s Birthday15 Jan 2024Monday
Idaho Human Rights Day15 Jan 2024Monday
Civil Rights Day15 Jan 2024Monday
Confederate Heroes’ Day19 Jan 2024Friday
Kansas Day29 Jan 2024Monday


Groundhog Day02 Feb 2024Friday
Rosa Parks Day04 Feb 2024Sunday
Lincoln’s Birthday12 Feb 2024Monday
Statehood Day14 Feb 2024Wednesday
Presidents’ Day19 Feb 2024Monday
Daisy Gatson Bates Day19 Feb 2024Monday
George Rogers Clark Day25 Feb 2024Monday


Read Across America Day01 Mar 2024Friday
St. David’s Day01 Mar 2024Friday
Town Meeting Day05 Mar 2024Tuesday
St. Patrick’s Day17 Mar 2024Sunday
Palm Sunday24 Mar 2024Sunday
Seward’s Day25 Mar 2024Monday
National Vietnam War Veterans Day29 Mar 2024Friday
Doctors’ Day30 Mar 2024Saturday
César Chávez Day31 Mar 2024Sunday
Easter Sunday31 Mar 2024Sunday


Easter Monday01 Apr 2024Monday
National Library Workers’ Day09 Apr 2024Tuesday
Eid al-Fitr (Tentative Date)10 Apr 2024Wednesday
Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday13 Apr 2024Saturday
Patriots’ Day15 Apr 2024Monday
Emancipation Day16 Apr 2024Tuesday
Confederate Memorial Day22 Apr 2024Monday
Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day25 Apr 2024Thursday
Arbor Day29 Apr 2024Monday

Astrology from January to April Months


  • Zodiac signs: Capricorn (Jan 1 – Jan 20) and Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 18)
  • Traits: Generosity, calmness, humor, self-motivation
  • Birthstone: Garnets, available in red, orange, yellow, and green shades
  • Birth flower: Carnation and snowdrop symbolizing admiration and love


  • Zodiac signs: Aquarius (Feb 1 – Feb 18) and Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)
  • Traits: Uniqueness, creativity, generosity
  • Birthstone: Amethyst and Jasper
  • Birth flower: Violet and Primrose, representing loyalty


  • Zodiac signs: Pisces (Mar 1 – Mar 20) and Aries (Mar 21 – Mar 31)
  • Traits: Passion, intelligence, generosity
  • Birthstone: Aquamarine
  • Birth flower: Daffodils, symbolizing new beginnings


  • Zodiac signs: Aries (Apr 1 – Apr 19) and Taurus (Apr 20 – Apr 30)
  • Traits: Determination (Aries) and earthiness (Taurus)
  • Birthstone: Diamond, white topaz, and quartz
  • Birth flower: Daisy and Sweet Pea, expressing happiness

Interesting Facts from January through April


  • Individuals born in January have a higher chance of living to 100.
  • The name “January” derives from the Roman god Janus, linked to gates and doors.
  • Ancient Romans tossed coins as part of a New Year tradition.
  • Both Chinese New Year and Christmas are celebrated this month.


  • February is the sole month with 29 days in its cycle.
  • The term “February” originates from the Latin “Februarius,” signifying purification.
  • Alaska became the 49th U.S. state on February 10, 1959.
  • The 1902 blizzard in New York City, known as “The Great White Hurricane,” claimed 200 lives.


  • The month was initially called Quintiles, honoring Julius Caesar’s birth.
  • St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated since 1684 with green clothing and merrymaking.
  • On March 3rd, 1848, New Zealand allowed women with property or tax payments to vote.


  • April was initially named after Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
  • April Fool’s Day on April 1st is marked by playful pranks.
  • April is known by different names across countries, like Aprile in Italian and


A printable calendar is a great way to stay organized and plan. You can choose from various formats, sizes, colors, and Calendar January February March April 2024 styles to print in landscape format. Additionally, you could create your customized calendar by downloading one of the free template options on the sites step by step.

One benefit of using a four-monthly calendar is that it has space on each page for notes, so you can keep track of important events and dates without continually flipping through pages to find what you’re looking for.

If you like this one, you can share it with your friends and relatives via email addresses and social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Keep writing on every birthday and anniversary and other schedules in January February March April Calendar 2024.

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