February 2024 Calendar with Holidays

The February 2024 Calendar with Holidays can be used to plan and prepare for upcoming holidays and celebrations.

This includes vacation planning, business operations, marketing, event planning, budgeting and financial planning, and education.

It can also be used as a tool to promote diversity and inclusion by recognizing and respecting different cultural and religious celebrations.

February 2024 USA Calendar

February 2024 Calendar with Holidays

In addition, it can be used as a personal tool to plan and organize important events, activities and meetings for February.

The February Calendar 2024 Holidays can also be used for religious and spiritual practices.

Many religions have specific holidays and rituals that are important for followers to observe, and a Holiday Calendar can help people plan and prepare for these events.

For example, a Christian might use a holiday calendar to plan for Advent and Easter, a Muslim might use a holiday calendar for Ramadan and Eid, and a Jew might use a holiday calendar for Easter and Hanukkah. A holiday calendar can be used.

Make the most of March’s festivities with our March 2024 Holiday Calendar, complete with marked Holidays.

Free February 2024 Printable Holiday Calendar
February 2024 India Calendar
February 2024 India Calendar
February 2024 Holiday Calendar
February 2024 Holiday Calendar Free
February 2024 Holiday Calendar Free

February 2023 Calendar Holidays

February 2024 Calendar With Holiday
February 2024 Calendar Holiday Template
February 2024 Calendar Holiday Template
1 FebNational Freedom DayObservance
1 FebFirst Day of Black History MonthAnnual Monthly Observance
2 FebGroundhog DayObservance
2 FebLunar New YearState ObservanceColorado
2 FebNational Wear Red DayObservance
4 FebRosa Parks DayLocal observanceCalifornia, Missouri
4 FebRosa Parks DayState ObservanceNew York
6 FebRonald Reagan DayState ObservanceCalifornia
7 FebIsra and Mi’rajMuslim
7 FebNational Girls and Women in Sports DayObservance
10 FebLunar New YearObservance
11 FebSuper BowlSporting event
12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayState HolidayCT, IL, MO, NY
12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayState Legal HolidayFlorida
12 FebGeorgia DayState ObservanceGeorgia
13 FebShrove Tuesday/Mardi GrasState HolidayAL*, FL**, LA, MS**
13 FebShrove Tuesday/Mardi GrasObservance, Christian
14 FebAsh WednesdayChristian
14 FebValentine’s DayObservance
14 FebStatehood DayLocal observanceArizona
15 FebSusan B. Anthony’s BirthdayState ObservanceCO, FL, NY, WI
16 FebElizabeth Peratrovich DayState ObservanceAlaska
19 FebPresidents’ DayFederal Holiday
19 FebPresidents’ DayState HolidayAll except DE, FL, GA, IA, KS, KY, LA, NC, RI, WI
19 FebPresidents’ DayState Legal HolidayKS, KY, LA, NC, RI, WI
19 FebDaisy Gatson Bates DayState HolidayArkansas
25 FebAfrican-American Scientist and Inventor DayState ObservanceVirginia
25 FebGeorge Rogers Clark DayState ObservanceIndiana
28 FebLinus Pauling DayLocal observanceOregon


The February 2024 Holiday Calendar can be used for a variety of purposes, including planning, business, marketing, education, personal use, and religious and spiritual practice.

It can be a valuable calendar for keeping track of important dates and events, as well as helping individuals and organizations plan and prepare for holidays and celebrations.

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