Zoom has rebranded its chat function and launched a new logo that better describes what the company offers.

In an effort to rebrand itself as more than just a videoconferencing app company, Zoom is renaming Zoom Chat to Zoom Team Chat and is introducing a new logo that better reflects the company’s offerings.

In a blog post, the company said it is renaming its persistent team collaboration and messaging hub to Zoom Team Chat “to usher in the future of persistent messaging and further enhance teamwork and collaboration.”

The company says it has already made significant investments in Zoom Team Chat’s capabilities, and more will be unveiled later this month.

The company says it changed the name from Zoom Chat to Zoom Team Chat to better reflect how chat tools are used.

Calling collaboration a key part of human creativity, conversations can turn into bigger ideas in chat tools, writes Janine Pelosi, the company’s chief marketing officer.

“Modern chat technology helps dispersed teams consolidate workflows and gain efficiencies, and enables people to work better together,” Pelosi writes.

“With one-touch access to video meetings, phone, whiteboarding, and more, Zoom Team Chat brings people together in modern ways.”

However, Zoom Team Chat extends beyond instant messaging, providing file sharing, third-party integrations, video, voice and whiteboarding.

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