Revenge? The Weirdness of the Browns Getting on Baker Mayfield

Mayfield had little to do with the Browns trading him or the hype around Sunday’s game. Maybe it’s time we all move on.

One can’t imagine what life is like inside Baker Mayfield’s head right now and, certainly, the banalities of a post-game press conference aren’t going to adequately summarize it.

But a quick scroll through social media, including the comments underneath the Browns’ increasingly sycophantic Twitter page,

make us wonder if Mayfield really deserves it.

At the end of the day, what did he really do to Browns fans? Are we to believe that he didn’t live up to their standard on how a franchise player should act, but Deshaun Watson apparently has?

The Panthers’ new quarterback said he couldn’t help it if the rest of the world made this game—a narrow loss to the Browns on a last-second field goal—into the Super Bowl, and he’s absolutely right.

The singular inflammatory comment Mayfield made about the whole thing (saying that he wanted to f--- the Browns up) wasn’t done so at a podium

and it was the kind of thing we’d probably all say about an employer who treated us the way the Browns treated Mayfield on the way out.

You can read more of our thoughts on that matter here.

It just shows how far into a parallel universe the Browns and their fan base have traveled, codified in their ability to justify the signing of Watson and label Mayfield as some kind of enemy.

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