iOS 16 turns your iPhone into a more personal device

On paper, iOS 16 is the version that comes after iOS 15. But in reality, iOS 16 finishes the work that started with iOS 14. 

This year’s update to Apple’s mobile operating system is all about making your phone more personal.

With iOS 14, Apple revamped widgets. It led to a new wave of apps that help you completely transform the home screen. 

People started uploading screenshots to social networks and it became a viral feature.

The success of these new highly customizable widgets have surpassed all expectations.

With iOS 15, Apple helped you customize your phone to your needs with different Focuses. 

You could turn on the “Sleep” Focus at night to disable pages, turn off some notifications and more. 

 You could turn on the “Work” focus to change your home screen and show your most important work information — a calendar widget, app icons for your work apps, etc.

With iOS 16, Apple redesigns the Lock Screen and ties up loose ends when it comes to device personalization. 

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