How This Ontario Man Lost Everything In Crypto Scam?

The Story Of An Ontario Man Who Lost Everything In A Scam

According To Ctv News Toronto A Man Named Stephen Carr Of Meaford Almost Lost Everything In A Coin Scam

Carr Said He Was Devastated After Investing His Lifes Savings In A Scam

The Video Said It Would Make Large Profits In Trading Commodities Foreign Currencies And Cryptocurrencies

He Said It Started With An Initial Investment Of 250

Carr Received 1000 At One Point Which Gave Him Confidence That The Site Was Legit

Carr Was Told To Pay A 150000 Liquidation Fee To Get The Money After He Thought His Funds Had Grown To 13 Million

According To The Canadian Antifraud Centre Canada Recorded 379 Million In Fraud Losses In 2021