Cftc Needs More Power Over Crypto, Says Commissioner

The Commissioner Discussed The Regulation On January 21

The Commissioner Of The Commodity Futures Trading Commission Cftc Talked About The Industry In An Interview

She Mentioned That The Market Needs To Be Protected Against Manipulation

Its Going To Be Difficult For Some Exchanges To Selfcertify That What They Put On Is Not Manipulated

If One Invests Millions Of Dollars And It Writes Down To Nearly Zero This Will Raise Questions About The Due Diligence

There Are Concerns That Ftx Ceos Revelations In Court About No Record Keeping And Control Over The Exchanges Finances

The Commissioner Said That They Have To Do Enforcement To Bring Trust And Confidence To People

She Said Its Important To Know How The Market Works And To Understand Its Weaknesses Such As Comingling Customer Assets And Cyber Security