Can you spot the fake candy in this optical illusion?

Take a look at this sugary sight exam, in which the goal is to differentiate the real candy from the drawing, as described in this TikTok video with 2.8 million views.

“Can you spot the drawing?” challenges the trippy clip, which was uploaded by Kevin D — known on TikTok as @myart1979 — who frequently posts clips showcasing his hyper-realistic illustration skills.

This hall of mirrors-evoking task is particularly daunting as they’re nearly indistinguishable from the brown and yellow coloration down to the shiny sugar coating.

Still can't tell the difference? Not to fear, at the end of the clip Kevin D sweeps all the real treats away with a paintbrush, revealing the imposter candy.

How well did you do? Can you spot the bugs in this floral eye exam?

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