Teena Trivedi White Line Wrote About 6 Key Players Who Wont Play For Ohio State This Spring

Even Though It Is Still Early In The Off Season The Ohio State Squad Is Aware That Six Players Wont Be Available When Spring Practice Begins

Ryan Day The Head Coach Of The Ohio State Buckeyes Made An Announcement This Week That Six Players Will Miss The Start Of Training Because Of Injuries

The Players Im Referring To Are Palm Leaf Emeka Egbuka

The Second And Third Leading Receivers For The Ohio State Buckeyes Were Palm Leafs Egbuka And Fleming

Palm Leaf Eichenberg Was The Top Tackler On The Team And He Finished Sixth In Sacks And First In Tackles For Loss

Its Even Worse This Year Because Several New Coaches Have Joined The Squad And Thats A Lot Of Skill To Be Missing

When All Six Of Those Players Will Be Able To Return To The Field It May Not Be Known For A While

We Can Only Hope That Their Wounds Heal Quickly And That They Dont Need Any More Time In The Summer Or Fall